Nu-Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1312 N. University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065
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Appetizers from our Sushi Bar
Hiyashiwakame $3.95
wakame seaweed in sesame & aga aga
Hiyashiwakame Special $6.95
seaweed salad W salmon skin and masago,eel sauce
sunomono-kani su(crab sticks) $4.95
Tako su $7.95
conch su $6.95
combo su $7.95
Sashimi AP $9.95
fresh raw fish of today`s catch
Spicy Fish $6.95
Spicy conch $6.95
Spicy Octopus $7.95
Dynamite Scallops $7.95
Tigar Eye $7.95
baked squid stuffed salmon
Tuna tataki $8.95
Usuzukuri AP $8.95
thin slice fish on plate
Baby octopus $5.95
seasoned cocked baby octopus
Yamakake $7.95
Tuna and japanese raw potato
Naruto $6.95
crab roll in paper thin cucumber and avocado masago
Miso ae $7.95
conch octopus cocked scallion in miso sauce
Fish Dynamite $6.95
fish masago baked in mayonnasr sauce
Tuna or Salmon sashimi AP $11.95
Hamachi sashimi AP $14.95
japanese yellow tail
Sushi AP (5 piece sushi) $6.95
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Appetizers from our Kitchen
Shigiyaki $4.95
deep fried eggplant with miso sauce
Yakimatsu $4.50
mushroom and onion sauteed in ponzu sauce
Yakitori $4.25
broiled chicken on a skewer
Age tofu $4.25
deep fried tofu with tempura sauce
Kakiage $4.95
Onion and carrot,gobo tempura
Tempura AP $5.95
Light fried shrimp and vegetable
Oshitashi $4.50
boiled spinach served cold tempura sauce
Gyoza $4.25
Soft shell crab $7.95
Deep fried soft shell crab
hijiki $4.95
cooked hijiki seaweed and vegetables
Unagi AP $6.95
grilled eel
Squid teriyaki $5.95
sauteed squid with teriyaki sauce
kushikatsu $5.95
skewered pork & onion deep fried to a golden brown
Beef Negimaki $5.95
Grilled rolls of beef & scallions sauce and delicious!
Chicken negimaki $5.95
grilled rolls chicken & scallions Sauced and delicious!
Hamachi kama $11.95
grilled japanese yellow tail coller with teriyaki sauce
Beef tataki $6.95
thinly sliced rare steak with ponzu sauce
Chicken wing $4.50
deep fried wing with japanese sauce
Ebi(shrimp) fry $5.95
crispy fried shrimp with japanese tangy sauce
Sauteed shrimp W/Mushroom $7.95
w/ginger sauce
Sauteed scallops W/Mushroom $7.95
W/ginger sauce
Shrimp and Avocado cocktail $6.95
Shrimp on avocado served with house special sauce
shumai $4.50
shrimp dumpling
Spring roll $3.95
Yasaiitame $5.95
sauteed vegetable with teriyaki sauce
Yukke $7.95
choped fresh raw beef served in spicy sauce
Tuna yukke $8.95
choped fresh tuna served in spicy sauce
Tuna yukke $8.95
choped fresh tuna served in spicy sauce
Sweet Potato Fry $4.25
Edamame $3.95
boiled soy bean
Jumbo Shrimp Tempura AP $6.95
Only shrimp
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Special rolls
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More Japanese style Appetizer
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