Nu-Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1312 N. University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Tel. (954) 755-5211

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Sushi Dinners
Assortment of Sushi Combination
Nigiri $10.95
7 piece sushi and 1 roll seaweed outside
Moriawase $12.95
9 piece sushi and 1 roll seaweed out side
Deluxe $15.95
12 piece sushi and california I/O masago
Tekka don $14.95
Seasoned rice decorateed with only tuna
Hosomaki (A) $9.95
tuna roll,salmon roll,cali I/O sesame
Hosomaki (B) $10.95
Spicy tuna,j&broll,cali I/O
Giant sesame roll $11.95
sesame seeds
Futomaki $11.95
crab sticks,omelet,kampyo,spinach,hiyashi
Chankomaki $14.95
Spicy fish don $14.95
spicy tuna & salmon on top of the sushi rice
Vegetalians sushi $11.95
3 piece sushi,1 hand roll,2 roll of cucumber and kampyo
Combination sushi & sashimi(A) $21.95
6 piece sushi,1 roll seaweed out,12 piece sashimi
Combination sushi & sashimi (B) $21.95
7 piece sushi,1 roll seaweed out,4 piece cali,8 piece sashimi
Chirashi $17.95
A work of art! avariety of toppings arranged on a bed of seasoned rice
Chirashi $17.95
A work of art! avariety of toppings arranged on a bed of seasoned rice
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Regular Sashimi $16.95
15 piece
Deluxe Sashimi $19.95
20 piece
Usuzukuri $14.95
thinly slice of fresh fish served with ponzu sauce
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Sushi and Sashimi Boat
Sushi & Sashimi for 2 $41.95
16 piece sashimi,10 piece sushi,2 special roll
Sushi for 2 $39.95
12 piece sushi,3 special rolls
Ask for 3 or 4,5
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