Nu-Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1312 N. University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Tel. (954) 755-5211

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Early Bird Specials
miso soup,salad,orange,chicken wing or dumpling or spring roll,california roll 4 piece come with box. $2.00 extra charge after 7:00pm "NO SUBSTITUTIONS".Take out soup or salad.
Early Bird Special

Chicken Teriyaki $9.95
Beef teriyaki $9.95
Pork Teriyaki $9.95
Tempura $9.95
shrimp & vegetable
Sushi(6 piece) $9.95
Sushi,Sashimi $10.95
8 piece sashimi,4 sushi
Sashimi $11.95
12 piece
Fish teriyaki $10.95
Shrimp $9.95
Scallop $10.95
Steak $10.95
Yakitori $9.95
chicken on a skewer
Katsu(chicken) $9.95
fried chicken
Roll Special (choice of 2 roll) $9.95
tuna,salmon,spicy tuna,j&b,eel,salmon skin,hamachi,califoria,vege,rosco,j&b
Combo $11.95
sushi and tempura or teriyaki or chicken or pork katsu, beef or chicken negimaki.
combo $12.95
Sushi sashimi and Tempura or teriyaki,chicken or pork katsu,beef or chicken negimaki
Combo $12.95
sashimi and tempure or teriyaki,chicken or pork katsu,beef or chiken negimaki
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