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Traditional Japanese Appetizers
Yuji Special
Steamed Fresh Mussles $7.95
sake and miso sauce
Sea Bass Apetizer $10.95
Sea Bass Miso $10.95
miso ginger
Monk Fish Liver $10.95
Fried Calamari $6.95
sweet spicy sauce or wing sauce
Ika sansai $6.95
squid salad
Tataki King Fish $8.95
Tataki Salmon $8.95
Tataki White Tuna $8.95
Tuna Hevean $8.95
tuna with avocado and
yuji sauce
Tomato Heaven $4.95
Fresh tomato with yuji heaven sauce
Seafood Salad W/ Heaven dressing $11.95
thinly sliced fish on top of salad and heaven dressing
Special Salad $5.95
Vegetable only with sesame oil flavor
and delicias!
Special Salad $6.95
with octopus
Shrimp & Avocado Salad $8.95
Shrimp and crab with mayo masago,crumb, on top of rice
Fluke Delight $10.95
thinly sliced fluek on a plate and yuji sauce
Hirame(Fluek) Usuzukuri $10.95
thinly sliced fluek and ponzu sauce on the side
Yamaimo Tanzaku $4.95
Sliced japanese fresh potato
Yamakake $7.95
tuna and japanese fresh potato
Yamakake Natto $9.95
japanese potato & tuna & soy bean
Tuna & Natto Ae $9.95
tuna & natto with vegetable in wasabi sauce
Kimchee $4.95
Nappa or cucumber
home made
Gobo Chips $5.95(small) $10.95(Large)
Japanese vegetable chip
Stone crab(seasonal) $Market Price
roll or Hand roll
KImpira $4.95
cooked roots & carrot
Kurage $6.95
jelly fish
Agenasu $5.95
fried eggplant
Yaki Nasu $5.95
grilled eggplant
Shishamo $2.50
grilled smelt fish
Salmon shioyaki $9.95
grilled salted salmon
Saba Shioyaki $7.95
grilled boston makarel
Saba Sunomono $6.95
vinegar salad with saba
Ika sugata Yaki $6.95
whole squid teriyaki
Salmon Kama $6.95
grilled salnon coller
Shishito $5.95
japanese green pappers
Yellow Tail(hamachi) & Halapeno $4.00 piece
yuji special sauce
Blue crab Sunomono roll $9.95
Blue crab Salad $10.95
Fried Yummy Shrimp ap $8.95
So good!
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