Nu-Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1312 N. University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Tel. (954) 755-5211

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Lunch Specials
Box Lunch Specials
All box Specials served with Soup,Salad,Orange,California 4 piece.Chice of Gyoza,Spring Roll or Chicken Wing.
Sushi - 6 piece $7.95
Sashimi - 9 piece $8.95
Sushi & Sashimi $8.95
Shrimp Tempura $7.95
shrimp & vegetables
Vegetable Tempura $7.95
Combination Tempura $8.95
Chicken Tempura $7.95
chicken & vege
Chicken Teriyaki $7.95
Beef Teriyaki $7.95
Beef Teriyaki $7.95
Shogayaki $7.95
beef,pork,or chicken stir fried with fresh ginger teriyaki
Fish teriyaki $9.95
Steak Teriyaki $9.95
Katsu $7.95
chicken or pork,deep fried crispy
Yakitori $7.95
chicken,onion on square and on rice
Shrimp $9.95
sauteed shrimp with mushrooms in ginger sauce
Scallops $9.95
sauteed sea scallops with mushroom in ginger sauce
Steak Katsu $9.95
Deep fried
Combination Katsu $8.95
deep fried crispy
Vegetable Katsu $7.95
Negimaki Beef $7.95
scallion roll into beef with teriyaki
Negimaki Chicken $7.95
scallion roll into chicken wity teriyaki
Tuna tataki $9.95
Tuna yukke $9.95
fresh chunked tuna in spicy sauce
Scallop dynamite $10.95
sea scallops backed in mayo sauce
Chirashi $10.95
a work of art!
A variety of topping arranged on a bed of seasoned rice
Spicy Fish Don $10.95
tuna,salmon and white tuna mix with spicy sauce on top of rice
Roll Special (choice of 2 roll) $8.95
tuna,salmon,spicy tuna,J&B,rosco,eel,salmon skin,cali,hamachi,crab,cucumber,vege,kampyo,j&b
tempura,spicy salmon
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sauteed buckwheat,white noodle,or glass noodle with;
Vegetable $6.95
Beef or Chicken $7.95
Shrimp $8.95
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Noodle In Broth
Zaru Soba (cold) $5.95
Tempura Soba $7.95
Niku Soba (beef) $7.95
white noodle
Tempura Udon $7.95
Niku Soba (beef) $7.95
Su udon (scallion) $5.95
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served on top abowl of rice juicy sauce and delicious
Ten don $7.95
tenpura shrimp and vegetables
Katsu Don $7.95
pork katsu ,onion,and egg
Chicken katsu $7.95
chicken katsu,onion and egg
Oyako Don $7.95
chicken and vegetable
Una Don $9.95
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Fried Rice
Vegetable $6.95
Beef or Chicken with Vegetable $7.95
Shrimp and vegetable $8.95
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Miso soup $1.50
Suimono $1.50
Fish soup $4.95
seafood soup $6.95
Crab salad $5.95
Harasame Salad Small $3.95
Harusame Large $5.95
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Sushi and Sashimi
chef choice-soup or salad
Sushi special $7.95
7 piece nigiri and cali 4 piece
Sushi and Sashimi $9.95
4 piece sushi,8 piece sashimi and cali 4 piece.
Sshimi $10.95
12 piece
Combo Box $10.95
sushi or sushiand sashimi with teriyaki chicken,beef,tenpura shrimp or katsu
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